My Favorite Text Editors for Programming

When a developer begins creating different software applications, there are specific tools that they will need in order to be successful in their efforts. In fact, the knowledge and experience required for both novice and seasoned developers alike can be acquired in formal classrooms as well as in online virtual sessions. One of the most important lessons that most programmers will learn is the distinctions between the different types of text editors. With this being said, here’s a brief overview of 3 text editors that people can review on their quest to find the best text editor for their programming projects.

Windows Environments: Notepad ++

Notepad++ Screenshot

It’s not uncommon for developers to use one operating system more than others. Even though most developers can use more than one type, they may be more partial to an operating system like Windows or it may be the most common operating system in a business that they are employed by. Either way, if the operating system that the developer uses most is Windows, they may decide to choose Notepad ++ as their favorite text editor. Therefore, for those who want to know what this text editor offers, here’s a few features that developers can consider if they are trying to make a decision.

  • Lighting fast since it was built from ground up to accommodate an audience that need the speed to complete both small and large software development projects
  • Supports drag and drop text movement to save time in typing code
  • Offers Split screen editing and synchronized scrolling
  • Provides auto completion and a guide to assist with its proper usage

Multi-Operating System Platform: Vim (Windows/Mac OS X/Linux, Free)

Vim Screenshot

Some developers use different platforms all of the time in completing their software development projects. In order to accommodate these needs, the best text editor for their purposes is normally Vim. This is because Vim can work in a windows based environment, Mac Os, and Linus and Ubuntu. Developers should also know that this text editor is free so they will not have to shell out any money out of pocket to gain access to it. Listed below are two of the most commonly used features that people can take advantage of when they are programming their software applications.

  • Can be ported to virtually Operating System that’s available
  • Command line vs Gui driven

MAC Environment: TextMate, a Mac OS X text editor

Textmate Screenshot

TextMate can be described best as a Mac operating system X test editor. So, developers who like to program their applications in mac can benefit greatly from its functionality, espeically because it has been optimized heavily with programmers in mind.

  • Creates powerful snippets
  • Made for commercial use
  • Paid text editor but has a 30 day trial test drive for developers

Before a developer begins coding, there are numerous tools and resources that they will need to create their development environment. One of the most important is having access to their favorite text editor for programming. Choosing the best one is based on several factors including ease of use, availability (free or best price) and the one that has the best functionality for that individual.