3 Web Frameworks That Use PHP

Before a developer can begin programming any type of software applications, there is a large host of things that they will need to learn prior to getting started. From learning how to code a specific type of programming language to establishing a timeline that will tell each user when a project will be completed, developers must be committed to absorbing lots of information if they are going to be successful in this industry. One topic in specific that developers must learn before they start to code their applications is about the type of framework that they are going to use.

What is a web framework?

So, what is framework as it relates to designing a software application? In general, a framework in virtually any system can be described as the conceptual or real structure that’s intended to serve the individual developer as a guide or support that is needed for the building of an application. Once the structure has been chosen, it will expand into something that is useful.

As a framework relates to a computer system, it can be described as a layered structure that indicates and identifies what types of programs can be built and how these applications will interrelate with one another. Based on the computer system that is being developed, the framework may include the following:

  • Actual programs
  • Programming interfaces
  • Programming tools

All of which can be used in the essential design of the framework that’s being constructed. Based on the need, in some cases, the framework can be described as a set of functions within a system that is being built as well as how these functions interrelate. The framework may also consist of all of the layers in an operating system, the layers in an application’s subsystem or the standardization of a network. In general, some software developers may simply refer to the framework as a comprehensive protocol used in development.

With this being said, here are 3 of the top frameworks in the development world that use PHP.

#1 – CodeIgniter

Codeigniter Logo

If you are looking for a simple but elegant toolkit for creating a visually impressive web application, you may want to use Codeigniter in your applications. Its current version comes with documentation that’s clear and concise so its easy to understand and use for your framework. Listed below are some of the basic features that’s included in Codeigniter.

  • Provides incredible control
  • Top framework for beginners because it’s easier to learn
  • Exceptionally high performance
  • Zero configuration required
  • Large scale monolithic libraries
  • Thorough maintenance

#2 – CakePHP

CakePHP Logo

This tool can be described as a contemporary framework and it comes loaded with numerous remarkable features. Some of the more notable include:

  • Rapidly build prototypes with the use of code generation and scaffolding
  • No complicated configurations to set up databases
  • Best suited for commercial applications

#3 – Phalcon

Phalcon Logo

Implemented as a C extension, this PHP framework is considered to be one of the fastest. Developers can benefit greatly from the features listed below.

  • Native namespaces
  • Direct Injection
  • Neat and clean intuitive API