3 E-Commerce Platforms that Use PHP

When an individual or an organization sets up their site to sell products and services, there are numerous things that they will need to do if they want to be successful. Choosing the best platform for the business is essential to the sites efficiency and its effectiveness. Therefore, when the business owner or their representatives does their research, they will find that some of the best site designs include those that are designed using PHP.

PHP is an open source scripting language that developers use to create their e-commerce solutions. With this being said, here’s 3 Ecommerce platforms that site owners and their representatives should consider when they are initiating this kind of development.

#1 – Magento

Mangento can be described as an industry favorite because it is often preferred by many software designers and developers. Most developers integrate this ecommerce solution into their designs because it featues a powerful marketing tool.

Magneto screenshot

Further, designers can utilize the features contained in this product to create a design that provides an exceptional shopping experience for any customer that visits their site. Many people prefer to use Magento as a platform because its community edition can be obtained at no cost to them. However, if the site owner decides that they want to make use of additional features, they can get the upgrade needed by investing in their enterprise edition.

#2 – OSCommerce

Another great industry favorite is OSCommerce. With this eCommerce solution, website developers can setup a shopping solution with ease. It is also a free open sourced based product that has numerous valuable features so it can be used to accommodate a diversity of needs. For instance, this eCommerce solution offers an easily configurable option for a catalog front end design and a backend administration tool.

osCommerce screenshot

Also, when a designer decides to use this platform, they will have access to a wide range of features including those that will help to manage unlimited products in multiple categories while also supporting multiple currencies. When a designer employs this platform, they can take advantage of a wide variety of effective features including multilingual support, real-time quotes and much much more.

#3 – Zencart

Zen Cart can be described best as an e-commerce shopping cart program. Most designers like this option because it offers them an easy-to-setup and run online store. Similar to OScommerce, it offers the designer multiple languages, multiple option payments, multiple currencies, discount coupons, and gift certificates. Many of which are completely customizable, while also providing full control of all its features and their associated capabilities.

Zencart screenshot

When a site owner decides to deploy a site that involves the use of an ecommerce platform, there are a number of different ecommerce platforms with PHP that they can make their selections from today. Before making a choice, people can do their research to see which features are best for their needs. Three of the top preferred in the industry includes Magento, OSCommerce and Zencart. All of which have great features and will provide customers with a superior user shopping experience.